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expect more than precious stones being cut

We, the Lapidary  Karl Faller, can proudly look back at a 70-year-old history of successful operation dealing in highly valuable colored stones of any kind. Our company name is recognized as the incarnation of perfect craftsmanship of most genuine colored stones and characterized on the basis of tradition, creativity, art and expertise.

Good long-standing business connections to the countries of origin help to provide our customers with outstanding beautiful colored gemstones from most significant sites at most attractive prices.

In our cutting-workshop we turn the rough material step by step into a perfect and fascinating „Gem“ or we cut artful fantasy designs and contemporary cutting styles for any images desired on request.

We work for goldsmith, designers,
and jewelers around the world.


to designing the greatest variety of hues into our appealingly modern multicreations of today's world most fashionable trends and daringly fabulous styles.


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Karl Faller - History


Start-Up & humble Beginnings

After his final examination as a gemstone cutter, Karl Faller started together with his wife Anneliese Faller his own cutting business in Stipshausen in the vacant workshop from his father, who died in the 2nd world war. In 1958 he graduated as a master of gemstone cutting. Quality and Precision of the Karl Faller Cut became well known in the area of Idar-Oberstein as well as beyond the borders.

During that time the cornerstone was laid for Karl Faller until today to be recognized as the incarnation of perfect craftsmanship of most genuine coloured stones, characterized on the basis of tradition, creativity, art and expertise.


Relocation & Expansion #1

With the increasing number of incoming orders and the associated growing number of employees, the current premises in Stipshausen were not suitable anymore for the emerging business. In 1968 the company and family moved to Kirschweiler, the village well known for gemstone cutting. The new workshop and office building provided sufficient room for the around 15 cutters and three office workers.

Nowadays quite common, but at that time ahead of the times: Karl Fallers employees have been shuttled from Stipshausen to Kirschweiler every day there and back with the company‘s mini-bus.


Fascinating Rubies, Sapphires &

End of the 1970s Globalization gave the impact to outsourcing volume jewellery production to lower-wage countries and accordingly threatening the existence of big jewellery manufacturers in Germany. Karl Faller noticed the initial signs of this development and subsequently draw the appropriate conclusions. The cutting of Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds promised the acquisition of a new tier of customers: high class jewellers, goldsmiths and designers.


Upholding The Family Tradition #1

This switch of the business focus opened up entirely new perspectives regarding worldwide markets and customer care. 1984 Heike Faller, daughter of Karl Faller, succumbed the unique attraction and fascination of the world of Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds and joined her fathers company after graduating at the University in Saarbrücken.

Very soon she became an indispensable partner in the Karl Faller team, accompanying her parents on every business travel for the sourcing and marketing of the rare merchandise.


Relocation & Expansion #2

The change in the strategic company orientation went along with an improved and extended customer service. New spaces were of need to host larger offices, customer meeting rooms as well as an improved cutting and setting studio. In 1992 the company Karl Faller moved to the new building next door, providing modern and extended areas along with the newest safety and alarm systems.


Change & Consitency

Seeing his life’s work in good hands, Karl Faller handed over the company to his daughter Heike Faller. Her name stands for the continuation of the family business’ tradition, which implies the absolute commitment to high quality gemstones along with unsurpassed customer service and satisfaction. In 2004 Heike Fallers husband, Dr. Konrad Henn, joins the company management. This further strengthening of the Karl Faller team stays abreast of the extended business activities all over the world. This implies the participation in up to eight trade shows a year and travels to the countries of origin of our high valueable and highly valued gemstones.


Upholding the Family Tradition #2

After graduating at the Middlesex University in London as a Communication Designer (BA hon), Michelle Althöfer, daughter of Heike Faller, enters the family business as person in charge for Marketing and Communication and future head of the company. Michelle Althöfer generates a new impetus on our successful team, not only apparent by the public image and the trade show presentation of Karl Faller e.K.